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2017 Native American Mission Trip

Our Native American Mission Trip was a huge blessing. We served under the leadership of Harlin and Karen Knight of the Louisiana Shoebox Ministry, Farmerville, La. Louisiana Churches provided approximately 6,000 pounds of flour, 2,000 pounds of beans and approximately 100 gallons of cooking oil, along with several hundred Christmas gifts for children. FBC Brackettville provided 200 cans of spam and 100 pair of socks. Our team consisted of Brother Y.J., Ron and Silvia Lowe, Jesse and Chastity Martinez, and Barkley and Amanda Simmons. The team traveled over 3,000 miles visiting, praying, sharing their faith and delivering gifts to the Mescalero Apache, Jicarrilla Apache in Dulce, New Mexico, Navajo in Tec Nos Pos, Arizona, Navajo in Counselor, New Mexico, and Navajo in Pinon, Arizona. They shared their faith on the streets of historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as leading the services in worship and giving their testimonies in three different churches. The entire group witnessed 7 decisions for Christ, many re-dedications and prayed with numerous people along the way. It was definitely an experience we will all remember!

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